Professional Guitar Teacher

Josh Lloyd

Professional Guitar Teacher

Josh Lloyd

Hello and welcome to my website! Please see the tabs below for more information and contact details.

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Free YouTube Tutorials!

Since 2019 I have started to upload free online tutorials on YouTube. Please feel free to watch the videos and subscribe to my YouTube channel! For the cover songs I go through, I have established three very broad categories for different levels of playing ability. They are as follows:


Yellow - Beginner

Orange - Beginner to Intermediate

Black - Intermediate to Advanced


I might add more difficulty categories as I upload further videos, but for now these give you a rough idea of how challenging the song is to play on the guitar.


There is one further category:


Green -  Technical Exercises/Theory


Videos within the green category will be related to technical exercises and/or theory.


I hope you find useful and enjoy the videos, and remember if you like them, please subscribe and help spread the word! I also have a free course for beginners, so if you're a newbie and would like to properly get started with guitar, this is the course for you! Click on the link below to start your free course.


Please click on the links below to find the category you wish to view. The link will take you to a dedicated page for that particular category. General information videos can be found on this page.

General Information / Guitar Subjects

General Info/Guitar Subjects