Professional Guitar Teacher

Josh Lloyd

Professional Guitar Teacher

Josh Lloyd

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Reviews from current and previous students

Will (Adult Guitar Student)

'I haven’t played guitar for 10 years and only started it then.  Josh got me back up to speed and now I’m back playing regularly.  Josh has a relaxed and approachable, friendly style that works really well.  He comes to every lesson really well prepared with his own material. The classes are really well structured but he has also been flexible to cover things that I want.'


Sophie R. (Young Adult Guitar Student)

'Josh is all round a really kind and brilliant teacher. He is patient, always plans the lessons carefully and is on time every week. Over a short period of time he has got me playing a wide range of technical songs from lots of different genres. He has also helped me to build up my confidence on the guitar. I always find myself looking forward to practicing and learning lots of new material every week. It's been a lucky find!'


Louise W. (Mother of Two Young Guitar Students)

'I would really recommend Josh to anyone, in fact I have done so multiple times. He teachers my two sons together; they are five years apart in age, but he manages to adapt his lessons to their different ages with no effort. My children are learning and improving hugely whilst having a great time. He manages to pick up on whatever their favourite tunes of the time are and incorporates them into the lesson, whilst still having a structured lesson plan that progresses them each week. I have found him be a knowledgeable, flexible and professional teacher, and also a great role model and altogether nice guy!'


Arun (Young Adult Guitar Student)

'I have had so much fun learning to play the guitar with Josh. I was taught songs I thought I would never know how to play in both a fun and engaging way. He is the only person I know who teaches like this and I would recommend him to all my friends.'


Lola B. (Aged 6)

'It’s fun playing the guitar with Josh. I’m learning lots because he’s a brilliant teacher and the songs he chooses for me are really good.'


Ian B. (Father of a Young Guitar Student)

'We feel very fortunate to have found Josh to teach our daughter to play the guitar. She is quite young to be learning but he pitches the lessons at the appropriate level, teaching her songs she recognises and really supporting her as she learns the basics. She’s come on at an incredible rate under his tuition. We couldn’t hope to find a more patient and encouraging teacher.'


Jo (Mother of a Young Guitar Student)

'Josh has the patience of a saint and is a very thorough and thoughtful teacher. My daughter has come on leaps and bounds under his tuition. I highly recommend him.'




Josh Lloyd is a registered member of the Incorporated Society of Musicians and is also DBS registered.